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Business in the front, party in the back; referencing a three-some.

"Dude, we were like a mullet last night!"

"I was the business in the front and you were the party in the back."
by CreeperStash June 28, 2008
When someone has a seemingly normal set of teeth, except for one that is shaped like a Tic Tac.
Drama had to get fake teeth because of his tic tac tooth.
by CreeperStash May 09, 2011
When someone's eyes are so close together, they resemble the 2 barrels on a shotgun if you were to look directly into the gun.
Jackie's eyes are too close together. She has shotgun eyes.
by CreeperStash December 14, 2010
The world's best coffee next to Starbucks.

Also another name for a dutch oven.

"Ryan took Sam to Dutch Bros like 8 times."

"Oh did you get an iced kicker?"

"No, not THAT Dutch Bros..."

by CreeperStash June 28, 2008

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