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A boy who will never break your heart. Nor will he ever lie to you to get his way. He has an honest fun loving heart. He can be a bit perverted but people just love him for who he is. He can open the hearts of many and make a mouth dropping poem to make any girl smile. He is also on the funny side. He can make anyone laugh with his dorky shyness. He makes the perfect friend. He is a lovely little smart boy who can make people laugh as well. He is genuine and peaceful. He's also very sensitive to the heart. He protects who he loves even if the world is on top of his shoulders. The pressure will never break him and he will never break anyone else even if it means killing himself for it..
Jonathan: "Your eyes glimmer in the glowing night, with heart breaking souls moaning with thrusts of blood spreading throughout the night."
Person1: -Mouth Drops- O.o
by CreeksShadow July 18, 2009

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