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Past or present resident of Buhl, Idaho, and member of the "You Know You Are From Buhl if..." FaceBook Group Page. Buhligan's are characterized by high intelligence, generosity, and a twisted sense of humor.

It is rumored that the Buhligan's high IQ is the result of top secret mind enhancing experiments formulated at Area 51. Multiple reports of unexplained phenomenom have been reported in the Snake River Canyon, just north of Buhl, Idaho.
He can't be lost, he's a Buhligan!
Did you see that bank shot? She must be a Buhligan!
by Creator of 77 February 03, 2010
A highly defined form of a wet willy. Performed with a delicate balance of breath, words, and saliva, applied to the top portion of the ear.

Re-united after extended periods of time, a tender chosoe will precede other forms of intimate contact.
Just chosoe me, my love...
Does anyone have a kleenex? I was just chosoed...
by Creator of 77 September 22, 2010

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