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1. A small group of strong willed mavericks who attempt, and often succeed, at ruining the day of athletic opponents by slinging verbal barbs at them. They wear Flannel and Kick-ass hats.

2. These guys are fucking cool.
Flannel four Dance Time!
by Creaming Eagles November 14, 2011
1. a secret brotherhood of men and women set to destroy the life of another, while also exponentially increasing the sexual pleasure said target recieves

2. The call of a creaming eagle is akin to the sound a dying pterodactyl would make if it was being killed by an eagle, and only a creaming eagle can make this noise.
Me: Zach, have you finished the "tryouts" for our friend Billy?
Zach: Well I would, but my dick is kinda sore...
Me: Fine! well i'm gonna go throw a sharpie into his laundry.
Zach: Now there's the Creaming Eagles spirit! later I'll set his alarm ahead two hours...
both: Pee-yowwahhhh-ah-ahhhahhwahhh!!!!
by Creaming Eagles November 08, 2011

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