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While having sex, you stop and say to the woman; "You have to ask yourself one question. 'Do i feel lucky?'" Then you proceed to bust a load on the woman, either blinding or straight up killing her, then bend forward and blow the extra semen off your weiner like smoke out of the barrel of a pistol. Then walk slowly off into the sunset.
There has only been one recorded case of someone administering a Clint Eastwood. It was Clint Eastwood himself. He was good, she was bad, and it was ugly.
by Crazy Samost January 21, 2009
When engaging in an act of sexual intercourse with a woman who is in the peak of her menstrual cycle. The male proceeds to remove his member from the woman's nasty place while imitating the sound of a sword being pulled out of a scabbard. He then slaps the woman across any part of her body, leaving a bloody red mark, reminiscent of being sliced by the sword of a medieval knight.
"Schwingggg" went my dong as I pulled it out of its sheath. Then "slice" as the Red Knight took another victim.
by Crazy Samost October 02, 2009
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