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This is when you are having doggy style sex and just as you're about to blow your load you punch your mounted women in the back of the head causing vaginal constriction and maximum orgasmic pleasure. But be ware that you may knock her unconscious if you strike her too hard.
I was hosing my girlfriend last night when I gave her a donky punch in the back of the head. I K.O.ed her but man was it worth it!
#lights out #the killer blow #pow surprise #blackout #sweet shot
by Crazy Doc J August 17, 2006
more commonly known as camel's toe. This is when your father can't remember the phrase camel's toe and therefore calls it whatever he wants.
You should see the camel stamper on that bitch in the tight jeans.

#camel toe #puss shadow #the big lips #my mons #pussy lips
by Crazy Doc J August 17, 2006
Someone who is so stuoid they look stupid i.e. a face that just says "DUUUH"
"that guy is looping through life with his headlights on dim!"
#idiot #dunh-da-duh #moron #flat headed brainer #iq like the alaskan winter--forty below
by Crazy Doc J August 15, 2006
One's mother, ususally middle aged and rather frumpy
"where did mumbly-peg go?"
"Mumbly-peg went to the grocery store"
#middle aged momma #mom hag #wrinkly b. #milfs you would not #yur ma
by Crazy Doc J August 15, 2006
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