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The phrase coined by Austin Powers star Mike Myers as he 'compliments' his female assistants.
Austin: "Fancy a shag?"
Girl: "...what?"
Austin: "Oh, you're shagadelic baby, YEAH!"
by Crazy Axer July 16, 2009
The awsome barbeque sauce that featured on Dragons Den, created by entrepreneur/singer of reggae reggae sauce theme tune Levi Roots.
Rasta 1: "Who wants a some ganja man?"
Rasta 2: "Forget it, we've got da new reggae reggae sauce!"
by Crazy Axer August 04, 2009
The extremely catchy song by scene band Blood On The Dance Floor that has a knack of swirling round in your head days after hearing it.
Girl: "Cut-cut-cut you up! I'm a monster, hahaha."

Tom: "...dude, what IS she singing???"

Mark: "New Blood On The Dance Floor song. Kinda catchy."

The next week...

Mark: "dum dum dum... I'm a monster, haha...oh no!"
by Crazy Axer July 06, 2009
In a sorority when the members smack each other in the ass before throwing them over the edge of the nearest balcony. The girls usually have bets on who will sustain most injury, who will hit the ground first and who's ass will wibble the most when smacked.
Shola was very disappointed when Courtney walked away from the sorority smackdown with only a broken arm as she had bet on a fractured femur.
by Crazy Axer July 18, 2009
The language people use when austining to make sure their target is unaware they are being mocked.
Bob: "Hey, Joe, there goes that vampiritic slut, Jose!"
Joe: "And here he comes to beat you up. >watches stupid Bob get the shit kicked out of him< Sigh. If only you'd used Maltelfovich."
by Crazy Axer July 06, 2009
The child spawn of satan usually used to describe an evil or sadistic person of the teenage generation.
Joey was such a diglamash!

(From Two and a Half Men) Charlie: We shall spawn a child called Diglamash and unleash a new wave of darkness upon the land.
by Crazy Axer May 17, 2009
Austined is the past tense of the feeling that one recieves when they are getting a non-sexual satisfaction from the action of addressing a person whom they are stalking when this person is within close proximity but do not know that it is them whom you are addressing, ie when you call out to them in Maltelfovich.
Tom austined when he shouted Maltelfovich at Justin, who was an awfully vampiratic student.

Joey :"Dude, I orgasmed last night!!"
Bob :"That's nothin', I austined last night at the mall!"
Joey :"Duuude...."
by Crazy Axer May 17, 2009

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