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3 definitions by Cram McCockin'

Any device used to get in contact with a man/woman you've have sex with in the past for the purpose of having sex with them again.
"I haven't had sex in awhile, so I fired up my Fucks Capacitor and called Sally"
by Cram McCockin' January 13, 2010
10 3
Variation of "the cold shoulder". When someone attempts to engage in conversation with someone much younger and is ignored.
Old Dude - "Hey there, what's your name?"

Young Chick - (silence...turns and walks away)

Old Dude's Friend - "Wow, she's kind of a bitch."

Old Dude - "Yea, she gave me The Old Shoulder."
by Cram McCockin' January 13, 2010
4 1
When lowering your sack into a woman's mouth and it hits the back of the throat, causing her to gag.
Guy #1 - "Have you ever tea-bagged a chick?"

Guy #2 - "Sure have. In fact, I got my nuts in so far one time that I bag gagged her."
by Cram McCockin' January 13, 2010
2 1