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Any device used to get in contact with a man/woman you've have sex with in the past for the purpose of having sex with them again.
"I haven't had sex in awhile, so I fired up my Fucks Capacitor and called Sally"
by Cram McCockin' January 13, 2010
Variation of "the cold shoulder". When someone attempts to engage in conversation with someone much younger and is ignored.
Old Dude - "Hey there, what's your name?"

Young Chick - (silence...turns and walks away)

Old Dude's Friend - "Wow, she's kind of a bitch."

Old Dude - "Yea, she gave me The Old Shoulder."
by Cram McCockin' January 13, 2010
When lowering your sack into a woman's mouth and it hits the back of the throat, causing her to gag.
Guy #1 - "Have you ever tea-bagged a chick?"

Guy #2 - "Sure have. In fact, I got my nuts in so far one time that I bag gagged her."
by Cram McCockin' January 13, 2010

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