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3 definitions by Craig in the Hat

Someone who serves as a toilet slave. Can be applied to worthless people who deserve to be used as human toilets or toilet slaves.
He's such a piss chimp. Whenever I see his stupid face I just want to unload my piss on him.
by Craig in the Hat May 03, 2011
Unpalatable foreign (non-British/US/Aussie etc) food with an unappealing appearance or aroma. Can be applied to African, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.
Watch out for the street food vendors in Manila - one sniff of that wog nasty will make you hurl your kidneys.

I don't care if it's froma 5 star restaurant, Korean food looks and smells wog nasty.
by Craig in the Hat December 07, 2011
A complete mess - or an unappetizing meal (especially foreign food).
My work station is a like a wog's breakfast. I had better tidy it up.

I don't care how tasty Filipino food is, it always looks like a wog's breakfast.

Ever since John became manager this department has been a complete wog's breakfast.
by Craig in the Hat March 13, 2010