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Possibly the shittiest place in the country, besides Watts, South Central, or even hell. Dominated by industrial trucks full of mexican illegal immigrants or redneck assholes that tailgate you on a 35 mph road. Nobody knows how to drive in Manassas, which is ironic because most people own either huge SUVs or pick-up trucks. Manassas is also home to the largest amount of auto dealerships on the east coast. There are three types of teenagers in Manassas: trustafarians, wiggers, and thugs. People usually frequently make fun of the name as well for good reason, which sounds like "man's asses".
Person 1: Dude, did you see that picture of Manassas in today's paper?

Person 2: I actually just saw a picture of a piece of elephant shit.

Person 1: Exactly.
by Craig in B Minor April 06, 2006

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