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The powerful wave of Ahmed support and adoration which began to sweep the nation from the very beginning of 'Big Brother 5' in late May 2004.Similar to previous '-manias' in nature,notably it's ability to unite millions from all areas of society in a single wave of focused euphoria and dedication,it's followers also manifest an aforeseen,all-encompassing desire to see their Housemate suceed and storm-with their support-to victory,yet on an unprecidented scale.Apart from the powerful adoration of Ahmed,being struck by Ahmania often causes several key notable effects,constisting mainly of,but not limited entirely to-i)the desire to destroy crockery and/or other utensils in the most spectacular fashion possible;preferably through launching at any nearby jacuzzi/spa construction,ii)the sudden wave of near constant lethargy causing followers to crave unconventionally length periods of rest,iii)the desire to defend Ahmed against any criticism;with no regard for the critic or nature of comment,though through construction of highly powerful and intellectual counter-argument,and iv)a need to register one's undying admiration,and simultaneously spread the good word of Ahmed through association with the most powerful and expanise Ahmania fuelled organisations.However,'Ahmania' is not easily defined-it induces in those it hits a spectacularly varied spectrum of emotions and effects;all united by the one,powerful,overriding desire for Ahmed('The Great One')to win.
The power of Ahmania is overwhelming
by Craig H June 28, 2004

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