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Mr Universe with the biggest muscles ever seen
Hey look its arnie in terminator mode!!!
by Craig David March 18, 2004
A confused individual, unsure of his own sexuality or those that surround him.
Dude - 'That kids acting weird'
Dudette = 'Yeah, he's a bit bedz I think...'
by Craig David July 31, 2003
something that is very good/exciting/fun/cool. invented by none other than the 'real' craige david.
"thats proper bo i tell thee" - craige david
"mmmmmmmmmm hmmm mmmmmm mmmm SHARON!"
by craig david June 24, 2003
ones excrement, of the _traditionaly_ solid variety.
j00r mumx0rs eggx0r and s0x0r made me poox0r my pantx0r, n00b.
by craig david March 19, 2003
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