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A way to tell who's a real /b/tard and who isn't. If you say it the reply should be JESUS CHRIST ITS A LION GET IN THE CAR
harbl: >:3
desu: Jesus christ its a lion get in the car!!!1
by Craig ARC September 23, 2006
A city on the Jersey Shore that has been turned dangerous due to riots and other shit, it's going through a large-scale renovation to make it nice again. Very historic and cool to visit.
I went to the Stone Pony in Asbury Park to see a concert last Friday.
by Craig ARC April 20, 2006
A historic city on the Jersey Coast. At the moment it is not the safest place to b, with a lot of crime. It is currently undergoing a large-scale "renovation" and is becoming a nicer area to be. It is best known as the place where Bruce Springsteen began his career, at the Stone Pony.
I used to always go to the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
by Craig ARC April 14, 2006
A joke that is overused, yet continues to be used.
In an elevator: Hot enough in here for ya?
In a full men's room: Oh, full house?

Wow, what a spentgag.
by Craig ARC December 16, 2007
One of the things that 4chan raiders say when they close the pool on Habbo.
"shittingdicknipples shittingdicknipples" repeated over and over again.
by Craig ARC September 23, 2006
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