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White People
White People Blue Eyed Devil
by Crackah Hater June 06, 2011
I slang that white people picked up from black people but fucked it up as the original term was "My Bag". White DJ's during the 80's truggled to understand African American slang and urban hip hop culture and scambled to catch up once they saw that shit starting to make money after years of shunning it. So they tried to understand it. But being the litteral minded white devils they are, they misunderstood "My Bag" to be "My Bad" reasoning that since the term was followed by some mistake on the users part they must be saying "My Bad" and due to the fact that the media is controlled by the white devil the term became "My Bad".
White person drops the soap and says "My Bad". I forgot to kick a Crackah's ass and say "My Bag".
by Crackah Hater June 06, 2011
An extinct form of sports figure and entertainer that existed and flurished only when racism was accepted and government sanctioned. After the decline of government approved racism the white boxer went extinct leaving only fossil records and remembered only in fiction based fantacy movies like Rocky where a white man is unrealistically beating the hell out of a black man who is a much better more fierce and more fit contender.
White Heavyweight Boxer. Rocky I, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky 19, Rocky 20.
by Crackah Hater June 06, 2011

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