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The smell that is emitted from one's crotch area when heat is applied. Synonym of crotch vapor. Not to be confused with a <fart>. Ass Vapor is more like <funk> that is reactivated by heat, usually after being dormant in the closet overnight.
Steve had to disconnect the seat heaters in his car because Mr. Miller often wore the same pants, and it caused Ass Vapor to be released.

I couldn't wear my black pants for a third day, when I touched up the crotch with the iron, they wreaked of Ass Vapor.
by Crack O Da Ass December 14, 2004
At around age 50 when mans testicles begin to sucumb to gravity, and are closer to his knees than his belly button.
Mike put his foot up on the bench after showering in the gym and unbeknownst to him his testicles swang out from below his towel and nearly slapped Tom in the face.

"Damn", Tom thought, "that nigga sure has got a low sac."
by Crack O Da Ass December 10, 2004
When a mans wang is sticking out of the pee hole in his boxers.
Larry woke up and answered the door in his boxers, little did he know he was Figs Out.
by Crack O Da Ass December 08, 2004
When a person covertly drops ass in anothers work space, usually a cubicle. Usually done on the sly, like staging a fake conversation in the area around the cube or office, and then pointing your ass in the opening/door, and farting, and then walking away - as though nothing has happened. Polish Falcons are only effective with a silent fart, if you let a ripper or a popper out -- the gig is up.
I saw Mr. Baker vomit burp when he caught the smell of the Polish Falcon that Tony left in his cube.

Phector tried to deliver a Polish Falcon to Winston, but it was a popper and he shit his pants.
by Crack O Da Ass February 08, 2005
Ruben Sierra. Ruben was great for confrontations with his managers, and was labeled by Tony LaRussa as "the village idiot" after Sierra told LaRussa (at the time the A's GM) that he (LaRussa) did understand baseball because he had never played it himself. The Village Idiot (Sierra) was later branded by Joe Torre (over rated Yankee's coach) as the only player not to understand the team concept.
Sierra: "Hey, LaRussa, you don't know sh*t about baseball."
LaRussa: "Sit your ass down and inject McGwire with those steroids, village idiot."
Sierra: "Yes, Sir."
LaRussa: "And hey, dumbass, you sure do keep some big gold."
by Crack O Da Ass February 08, 2005

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