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A name of some sort which is strongly being used as an insult to all kinds of people. In some areas of the world it is considered the "H" word because of its vulgarity.
Player 1: haha i owned u so bad ur like pure noob
Player 2: oh ya? well i owned u so bad ur like a HEDRA
Player 3: haha owned!!!!
(Player 1 leaves in shame pondering on those harsh words)
by Crack Monkey August 01, 2006
A sound usually produced from the diaphragm and exiting the mouth area. This takes place when a rigorous activity is mentionned and the person is too tired to comment.
Woman: Can you help me with these grocery bags son?
Son: ahhe!
Woman: hey u watch wut u say to me (backhand)
Son: !xoahhe
by Crack Monkey August 01, 2006
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