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gravy made from country (i.e salt-cured) ham instead of beef.
Shiit, man, you don' know bout no red-eye gravy.
by crack January 26, 2004
The iPod you take on a road trip when other passengers in the car have already volunteered to be in charge of the music for the trip. Because you doubt their taste in music, you bring your own iPod as a backup for when they experience shuffle shame.
Joe: So we're all set for the trip to the beach. I'm driving..Bob, you are in charge of the music.
Bob: Sure, just don't be surprised when a random country song or NKOTB comes on.
Mark:...uh, yeah I'll be bringing my safety Pod...
by crack June 26, 2009
The greatest tax scam known to human kind.
TV evangelists... need I say more?
by crack August 14, 2003

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