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Getting a peanut halve lodged in your peehole after bangin a dirty lil barfly in her slutty ass without a raincoat.
After weeks of swelling and failure to piss, the doctor had informed me that I was the lucky recipient of a peanut suprise
by CraZy E July 11, 2006
RETARD CENTRAL!! Full of Non Driving Fucks
During my two mile drive through Sacramento Traffic, I avoided three crashes and hit every red light because the dumbass in front of me slows down until he sees the pretty yellow light come.
by CraZy E August 16, 2006
The act of a skanky bitch sucking dirty dick in a manner in which she is the peon and you are the ranking seargent
Bitch get down there and give me 25 face pushups
by CraZy E August 01, 2006

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