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sexiest man every.....that is before all the braids and shit. guns n roses was the best band ever and velvet revolver will never surpass guns n roses because they truly were/are the BEST rock band to ever exist. damn axl is fucking sexy.
damn i think i just had an orgasim
by crystal March 04, 2005
1. retarded ugly troll dog
2.its what u would call the walking bag of std's that considers herself a thesbian
by the way all those fucking losers at alvarez high that think they' re gothic, need to either get a life or die imidiatly so that the rest of the world can go on knowing that the freaks and mistakes have all gone away and have been taken care of (shot)
look at that walking bag os std's
ya shes a fucking loser
ya she looks like a retugly trog
by crystal May 29, 2003
have sex
so we gonna cut or what?
by crystal February 14, 2004
"wind up their ass" - one who scurries around like they have wind up their ass
Phil's cat has the wuta!!!
by Crystal August 29, 2004
a dog that is smelly and furry
Hey dude...that dawg is such a stinky fluff!
by Crystal April 26, 2003
someone that enjoys sucking on a mans anus and is clearly addicted
stop being an anus sucker and let me suck on it
by Crystal April 15, 2005
what you can say when you are really pissed or just cant find a word to express how you feel.
Poo! I cand find my electric toothbrush.
Poo on a stick! I had F***ing Freshman!
by crystal February 08, 2005

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