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An abbreviation for the phrase "What The Fuck". This is often used in conversations when in a CBF mood (cannot be fucked) and you want to let the receiver of the "WTF" to know how your feeling. This can be percieved as different emotion due to the complexity of the word Fuck.
The following example denotes suprise:
KY: Did you know that Osama Bin Laden is in my backyard?
Nazza: WTF!!!!

The following example denotes anger:
Nazza: Hey brother I screwed your girl last nite
Some Cunt:WTF!!!!!
by CrAzY Dj NaZzA August 04, 2006
This is a sexual action which happens in the instance of a man "coping head off" a female, or in other words when a male's penis is licked or sucked by a female. When such a sexual activity is occuring, the male pulls the female towards him, so that the penis is fully in her mouth and the man has successfully blown, therefore the semen will be excreted from the female's nose by passing through the naval cavity.
see also donkey slap - is as fun as the white dragon.
by CrAzY Dj NaZzA August 03, 2006

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