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Snoobies are breasts covered by a Snuggy. Said breasts are snoobies whether they are clothed or bare underneath. Snoobies are apart of a method of striptease, in which the female has nothing but a snuggy on, and proceeds to slowly remove it. Men with large breats are also entitled to have 'snoobies'.
"Bro, she teased me so bad with those huge snoobies!"
by Cptn Cadaver March 01, 2010
Snucking is the act of sexual Intercourse with a Snuggy brand blanket. This can include any position as long as the Snuggy is involved. The perks of snucking are more warmth and concelability.
"I was snucking with my woman last night and now I gotta wash the Snuggy!"
by Cptn Cadaver March 01, 2010
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