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With more frequent use of the word Awesome in the internet tubes, the apparent need for an cool abbreviation grew. This resulted in ozom, which is a more lingual and shorter pronounciation of the word Awesome, and the more recently coined mozo.
"Dear sir, I saw this moving picture short film through the internet tubes yesterday, it's ozom"
by Cpt. Oveur October 26, 2007
After more frequent use of Awesome and in later times, the internet abbreviation of Awesome, namely ozom, it came time once again to give the free people of the digital world more variety and emphasis. Hence came fortwith mozo. If you really feel that something you have experienced is more than Awesome, even more than ozom, you can now utilize mozo! Not only is it a clever reverting of ozom, it means More Awesome.
"I heard Darth Vader fell in love on the internet, they have short motion pictures of it, mozo!".

Can also be utilized in instant messaging conversations, frequently all capitalized.

by Cpt. Oveur October 26, 2007

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