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16th of an ounce of cannabis (worth £10) ten bag

originates from the English King "Louis the 16th"
yo g, i'm brassic can i get a louis on tick
by Cpt. Cronic September 02, 2006
a small hot bit of plastic, boot polish, tar etc soap bar that falls from your spliff onto your clothing leaving a burn hole
"Last night I went out driving in my car,
I sparked up a fat spliff of fucking Soap Bar,
A Blim-burn burned right down to my dick,
And while I was distracted, I fucking crashed into a
Brick wall, the car was fucking battered,
The bonnet flipped up and the windscreen shattered,
You’re better off smoking The Green instead,
Cause it don’t Blim-Burn and it’s better for your head"
Goldy Lookin Chain, Soap Bar from The Greatest Hits Album
by Cpt. Cronic September 01, 2006
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