2 definitions by Cpt Crazy

Hypno Toad- A world famous TV icon from the crazy world of futurama. Is currently being nominated for many awards.
Beware after 15 minutes of constant viewing can cause the following symptoms- Headaches, manic hair brushing , feeling of flying and necrophilia.
Hypno Toad e.g Scary freak who know everything irrelevant,nothing important and generally is green and slimy.aka Mr B
by Cpt Crazy October 21, 2006
Cpt Crazy :- A name often given to the crazy or psychotic. Is also a gd nickname to give to those who like the army , are crazy and a friend.
As an offensive name it is crap and would nt be advisable enless the person u were insulting was six years old.
I often call Max "Cpt Crazy" as he looks armyish.
by Cpt Crazy April 17, 2007

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