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A sexual act done while fisting a person (male or female) where you turn the inserted hand and open fingers then quickly thrust the hand inside the anus or vagina. While preforming this make a turkey gobbling sound the recipients flopping balls and penis (or breasts if female) will resemble the gizzard of a turkey.
the gobbling sound emitted from Matt's room indicated that he had finally preformed the elusive saggy turkey on Phil's anus.
by CoxHall Master October 14, 2007
A sexual act when anal fisting a person and then grabbing a turd and pulling out a lump of coal.
when Graham was fisting Pavan he took hold of a black rock and pulled it out! proclaiming himself the worlds greatest coal miner.
by CoxHall Master March 21, 2007
A variation of the coal miner. when fisting the person and grabbing the turd, just before extraction donkey punch the individual.
Jared thought that Josh was going to give him a special Valentines gift. Little did Jared know that Josh and Richie were experianced 'alternative' diamond miners.
by CoxHall Master March 21, 2007

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