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Meshugener (pronounced as meh∙shoog'∙en∙er ) is the Yiddish word for crazy person.
HA-HA, look at that meshugener running around pantless!
by Cousin Chaim February 29, 2012
Yiddish kop or Yiddisher kop (ייִדיש קאָפּ); lit. Jewish head, is an Yiddish expression. The latter is used when a person wants to indicate that Jews, of which mainly Ashkenazi Jews are meant, are smart (have a good head).
Only an Yiddish kop like Einstein can solve this.
by Cousin Chaim February 24, 2012
Khazer (חזיר ''kha'-zer'') is the Yiddish word for pig.
A khazer blaybt a khazer (lit. a pig remains a pig).
by Cousin Chaim February 24, 2012
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