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<DOM' pak>(n.) a series of seemingly-fictitious (usually nonsensicle), however cohesive and interesting ideas delivered in such a manner that you have not truly learned anything, but were nonetheless delighted by considering the bizarre nature of the topics discussed.

(v.) to deliver the aformentioned domepack.-- also domepacked, domepacking(adj. )
(n.) The unkempt homeless man was really giving us a domepack with all that talk about using his rusty saxophone to summon extraterrestrial intelligence, but shit, I had to give him a buck for some fresh thoughts.

(v.) Herold knew he was delivering a presentation to his 5th grade Language Arts class using the poster from the math project he had last week, but he confidently domepacked his way to a conclusion and could tell by the smiles from his teacher that it was a gold-star performance.

(adj.) I read this word on urbandictionary.com- it was "domepack" or some shit... I really wasn't sure if I understood the meaning, but it was such a domepacking good read I won't be able to go 5 minutes before I start using it in context.

*note: a domepack can lack the inherent fascination of a quality conversation in the event that the domepacker is somebody who either pays your salary, or you have sincere potential to have sex with.

**(TV shows, movies, magazines, concerts, can all be domepacks)

by Courtney Hill December 12, 2007

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