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when you go to guantanamo bay and you have to suck big bob's big fat dick
big bob: ya'll ready for your cock meat sandwich

harold: umm....no

big bob: well you better get hungry real quick cuz i got a lotta meat

Kumar: tell me before we do this, are all the guards on guantanamo bay gay?

big bob: fuck no, aint nothin gay about getting your dick sucked.

big bob: your the ones who are gay for sucking my dick.

Big bob: infact it creeps me out just being around you fags.
by Count Crotchula August 02, 2008
when you stick your balls in to the chicks vagina after you came in her vagina
man i just kitty bagged that chick and got my balls wet
by Count Crotchula May 27, 2008
1. some one who lives in Kitimat, BC

2. some one who has sexual relations with a horse/poney
guy: dude i just saw someone fucking a horse

other guy: aww, what a poney pounder
by Count Crotchula July 19, 2008
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