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An evangelical presbyterian school located in Severn, MD with a name that's just too long. A place of almost preps, sheltered children, kids who know Jesus loves them more than you, and others just caught in the mix. If you're Catholic, you're not welcome and if you're a minority, you can join the other three kids of your creed. The sports are adequate, except the girls who dominate the small Christian schools league. AACS is different from those other Christian schools because its large and can successfully compete in male sports. It attracts all different kinds of people but its students are most frequently characterized as either typical teenagers or elitest Christians. Kids outside the school mostly see the kids who go there as preppy wusses, but kids who know people at the school think otherwise.
Hey, isn't Annapolis Area Christian School's fight song "Yes Jesus loves me."

Man that girl is drunk, and she's in the praise band at Annapolis Area.
by Cotton Hitherton March 11, 2006
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