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"What Would VALVe Do?" is a rhetorical question that one asks a video game company. It questions whether or not a course of action that a video game company is or will be taking is something that VALVe - a popular video game company that many gamers believe does everything right - would do.
WWVD is usually a chastising remark, meant to rebuke a company for a bad decision.
Come on, Capcom. You took the horror out of Resident Evil 5 and put in just pure action. I mean, What Would Valve Do?

Why do we have to pay so much for DLC? Why not include it in the game, or as a free update? What Would Valve Do?
by Cossack 69 April 04, 2009
Meaning "the business", de_Biz refers to the Video Game Industry. It could also refer to Valve Corporation.
The term is a reference to the naming system of maps in games created by Valve, particularly Counter-Strike. For example, de_Dust has the prefix "de_" meaning "DEathmatch" and denotes that the map is designed for the deathmatch gametype.
Valve Corporation is my favorite company in de_Biz. Their games just pwn so much!
by Cossack 69 March 01, 2009

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