2 definitions by Cory Lauch

This is a special kind of poop where there are 2 parts. 1. Poop must be wet but still solid. 2. After poop leaves the butt hole it must leave a burning sensation so that your ass feels like it is on fire. This is a very painful but satisfying poop.
Corey rushed to the bathroom after having butt sex, where he thought he would have the regular poop that occurs after sex but instead, it was a fiery one called the blazing inferno.
by Cory Lauch February 23, 2009
When you blow your load on the girls face and then punch her in the nose so she has a white face and a red nose. The girl will then cry from the punch causing her to be a sad clown.
Robin was being really annoying during sex so I gave her the sad clown when I blew my load.
by Cory Lauch February 24, 2009

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