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A hallucinigenic compound found in various strains of magic mushrooms (native to many countries in England). Very potent, producing an intense trip. Typically, the trip lasts around 4-6 hours. It is a psychedelic trip with many colors and shape shifting, ect. Often one will have a rather philosophic come down (the stage of the trip where the effects are wearing off).
Mexican Psilocybe Cubensis
by Cory H April 28, 2005
5-methoxy dimethyltriptamine. A hallucinigenic coupound found in the glands of the Buffo Toad. It is in liquid form when harvested. To get the effects, the white liquid must be dryed and smoked. Said produce one of the most intense trips. Effects generally last 15-30 minutes and are mind-blowing.
After smoking the DMT, he wound up laying on his back on the floor, but his mind was in happy land.
by Cory H April 28, 2005
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