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Properly, "Robi-wan Kenobi"


1. A middle aged jewish male teacher with a voice that is abnormally high for men of that age. Usually have stubble, but will occasionally grow a beard and then immediately shave it off.

2. A Jedi Master, former padawan of Qui-Gon Yin. His preferred light-sabre color is green, but upon occasion he may accept blue. An enforcer of the galactic peace, he has invented his own system of enforcing the law, and recently has cut down on the number of warnings due to the nuber of fruq outbreaks. Now, two strikes gets you into the galactic running league, led by Herm-germ.

Originates from Mr. Robison, the name of a middle school teacher at St. Albans school for boys in Washington D.C. Contrary to popular belief, the term was actually coined by the students and not by the teacher, and is now in use in common speech.
Student 1: "Argh! Why did Robi-wan have to go and change his punishment system. Now I can't make as many wise-cracks in class."
Student 2: "Er..."

Jar-Jar: "Robi-wansa go aaaals the way downs the mountains just to saving the little kittenses. He be kewl."
Transitive Verb:
1. To insert one's phallus into another's box, beaver, or sex slot. To do, to perform sexual actions with another, to partake in intercourse with, etc.
2. To harm or do bodily damage with an object shaped like a phallus, such as a dildo.
3. To screw over, to place one into a dilemma, or to subject to unfortunate circumstance.

Adj(Fuquing): Extremely, astoundedly, incredibly, etc.

Originates from the English verb "To Fuck", which has exactly the same definition. Fuque just sounds boxier.
Alec Downie: Don't you dare stick my tie in your pants again. If you do, I fuque you over, biatch.

Eccentria Gallumbits, the three breasted whore of Eroticon VI: Well, it's the easiest way I know of to make money, and the guys just swoon for the triplets. Fuquing is my way of life, and if you don't like it, then fuque off.
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