154 definitions by Cornholio

A terrorist named Cornholio who needs TP for his bunghole.
I am cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!
by Cornholio August 15, 2003
A type of salamander found in lakes near Mexico City and bred at Indiana University among other places to study their ability to regenerate lost limbs. From the Nahuatl, meaning "water dog."
"See ya later, alligator."
"I'm hittin' the bottle, axolotl."
by Cornholio November 03, 2003
lies; pompous natterings
Don't give me any of your horse shit about ephedra being good for you!
by cornholio October 14, 2003
Latest politically correct term for a black, Negro, colored American with even a minuscule proportion of African descent
Jesse Jackson is losing his position as chief African-American spokesman to the flamboyant Al Sharpton
by cornholio October 04, 2003
A state that has recently gone Republican and is shown on the political maps as red; oppisite of bicoastal and blue state.
You'll never carry a red state with a pro-gun-control candidate.
by Cornholio October 30, 2003
The belief that the odds of an event occurring increase after it has failed to occur a certain number of times.
This nickel has come up "heads" 5 times in a row; the next time it has to be a "tail."
by cornholio October 09, 2003
Dung; caca; fecal material referred to in a childish vein; trouble but not real bad trouble
"We're in deep doo-doo, now, Mr. Bush," she whispered anxiously.
by cornholio October 14, 2003

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