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5 definitions by Corkscrew Foley

The effect of drinking too much. Deriving from the word trashed.
Oh man, I got so fucking littered last night.
by Corkscrew Foley July 24, 2009
The amount of track marks on the arm of a junkie. This also pertains to someone who works in a factory where handingling cardboxes all day will have a few paper cuts.
'Jesus, did you see the track marks on Crystal's arm? Talk about a fucking railroad yard.'

'Man, I worked a ten hour shift. All I have to show is this train yard from all the box cuts.'
by Corkscrew Foley November 03, 2009
Someone who lives or want to live in a stereotypical upper-middle class suburb, which usually can be a nice cul-de-sac as well. Because of this, they feel if they are living this life style, they will be happy.
Scott: So Tim, what happened with Kat?

Tim: She dumped me.

Scott: How come?

Tim: Because this other fella she was seeing also wanted the Wisteria Life.

Scott: That's fucking terrible. What are you going to do?

Tim: Nothing. It's her that wants to be the cliche, not me.
by Corkscrew Foley December 29, 2009
The act of using one's own tie to choke someone, whether by pulling the knot up too high, or wrapped the tie around the person's neck to strangle them.
Bill: 'Holy shit, did you see RAW last night?'

John: 'Yeah, that was insane what Danielson did to Justin Roberts, strangling him with his own tie...talk about tiolence...'
by Corkscrew Foley June 17, 2010
When you miss the point, or simply forget.
Tim: 'Joe, there's an open lane here. We can check out here.
Joe: 'Dude, we're staying in lane 6.'
Tim: 'Hello! Lane seven is open.'
Joe: 'Alright, we'll go. But there's the hot girl who likes you...too late.'
Tim: 'Oops, I had a V8 Moment.'
by Corkscrew Foley October 04, 2009