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When someone with a big ass gets in a pool or body of water and creates a wave that splashes over the side of the walls of said body of water.
I'm sittin by the pool on Saturday when this girl with a huge ass goes in the water and creates this assnami wave that splashes over the side of the pool and got my towell all wet. I hate it when that happens!
by coocoo 4 coco puffs March 20, 2013
Urban dictionary editors who hate on good words. When you submit a good word and it gets rejected you've come across some Urbandichaters.
I submitted the coolest word to Urban Dictionary yesterday and those Urbandichaters turned me down. I hate those Urbandichaters!
by CooCoo 4 Coco puffs February 05, 2013
A group text. Often you don't know that the text you received went out to a group of people and you respond without knowing that a lot of people will receive it.
I got a text from someone yesterday and I responded that I thought another guy was being an ass. I didn't know it was a Grext and it turns out that guy was on it. Looks like I'm the ass now.
by CooCoo 4 Coco Puffs February 04, 2013
A NOVA (No Obvious Value Added) is a person who in any social event adds no value to any conversation or activity. They are boring, dull and no fun to have around. There is also such a thing as a Super NOVA.
Man why did you invite Susie to the Super Bowl party, she's such a NOVA (No Obvious Value Added). She just sat there and said nothing with that blank look on her face see whole time. Also see Super Nova
by CooCoo 4 CoCo Puffs January 25, 2013
A Super NOVA (No Obvious Value Added) is a person so dull, negative or generally uninteresting in social events that they actually pull energy from the event. Also see NOVA (No Obvious Value Added).
Bill was such a Super NOVA at the birthday party being all negative that I would've left but I didn't want to offend the birthday girl.
by CooCoo 4 CoCo Puffs January 25, 2013

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