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people coming from bangladesh. THEY AREN'T THE SAME AS INDIAN PEOPLE. WE ARE ALSO OF MONGOLIAN DECENT. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, THAT'S THE TRUTH. bengalis are also more oriental looking than indian people in general, if you've noticed. 3 out of 5 of the nobel prize winners from the indian subcontinent/southern asia are bengali. bengalis as a mass are very deep thinkers, though not the most athletic. they are a rather close knit community, and even fought against the pakistani army (which had tanks, while bengalis had spears) to keep their language.
john: ey, u indian?
fahim: naw dawg, im bengali

ronald: ey, u filipino?
abdullah: nah, im bengali

by Convicted Reaper May 01, 2009

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