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An offensive pejorative term for a low class Cuban or someone who is acting like one. Refers to the fact that Cubans like to eat black beans. Such Cubans may stink of ass gas. When they do, you can hear them coming before you see them since they tend to fart a great deal. They show little if any class and are often rude and obnoxious. They are very loud and like to draw attention to themselves. They frequently have very poor hygiene. They many not use deodorant and may wear ratty clothing.

Often they are really narrow-minded and highly opinionated. You can't reason with them. Some might argue justifiably that they have little intellect or are just plain dumb. They frequently are condescending towards other Latin Americans, non-whites and non-Americans neglecting the fact that they are immigrants themselves with diverse racial backgrounds. In fact, the white Cubans see themselves as better than the non-white Cubans in general. Their arrogance typically leads them to believe incorrectly that somehow they are better than anyone else.

They hate it when non-Cubans know something that they don't know because it makes them look and feel less educated and superior. Because many of them are too lazy to get a degree, they knock down people who have one thinking that they can easily step into someone's job and do it because they are Cuban.

They also hate it when someone can speak Spanish better than they can especially if they are not Cuban but from some other Spanish-speaking country. It defies their airs of superiority.
Those Black Beaners woke us up, farting in chorus the Cuban national Anthemn outside our window one morning in Miami.

Juan who is not Cuban, but has a job as an analyst which required a degree. Antonio, who is Cuban, doesn't have a degree. However, Antonio believes that if it weren't for the degree requirement, he could easily do Juan's job with some training. Antonio has the bad attitude of a Black Beaner.

Antonio later lied his way into a job claiming skills and knowledge he didn't have, using a phony degree certificate he bought. He got interview tips from Juan in what to say which landed him the job. However, soon Antonio's arrogance and ego gave way to reality as he couldn't deliver on the job. He was fired soon thereafter. What a typical Black Beaner.

A los Cuba-Lingas le gusta masturbar sus pingas, which is the same as saying that Black Beaners like to play with their weaners.
by Controversial November 23, 2005

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