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This is the fastest way to lose a girlfriend yet discovered in the universe of time and space. A dirty pint consists first of all an alabama hot pocket. This is thoroughly repulsive. You then bring yourself to orgasm by slashing your girlfriends wrists, but before doing so take a long satisfying urination within your girlfriends anus/vagina, and then precede to ejaculate into the mixture of feaces and urine left within. Posesing STIs is of course preferable, but not essential. If you have a particulaly understanding girlfriend you may need to sugeest a Duck Tape Brewery, which involves further duck tapeing up the mixture left for at least an hour, and then drinking it through a straw.
Its our anniversary next week. If you dont give me a Dirty Pint, you dont really love me
by ConspicuousPancake November 16, 2006

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