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High School students enrolled in the "International Baccalaureate" program.

In this program students do hella extra work for little or no recognition what-so-ever. They are considered neerdy or a geek and too smart for thier own good.

These students become a steriotype and become branded by everyone in the school as an IB Kid.
See that guy, he is an IB Kid, let us laugh at our immaturity, hahahahhhahah.

Footbag Biotch!
by Conservative Billy May 10, 2004
A High School student who is ostricised and ignored from the rest of the school and eventually forced into or around said schools courtyard.

This happens due to these students being different and not following the flow of mainstream style or enjoyment of thier lives.

After the fault of the preps these students then are made fun of and branded as losers for life for just having fun and doing things their own individual way and although not accepted can be very accepting themselves.

Even being seen with these "Courtyard Kids" can be a hazard to your reputation.
Eww, courtyard kids are gross.

Go back to the courtyard, kid, hahahahhahahh.

Oh, you hacky sack? It's footbag bitch.
by Conservative Billy May 10, 2004
A person that usues common abbreviations or acroynyms to describe feelings on the internet. They also use bad punctuation and grammar.

Usually used in chat rooms and can contain such phrases as; lol, omg, lmao, rotflmao, xoxo, jp, jk,<3 etc..
Lol, you are so funny, OMG! Your an internet whore.
by Conservative Billy May 10, 2004
Not Hacky Sack but commonly reffered to as it. Footbag is a joke to most and those who do it in high school are ridiculed, made fun of and thought of as a stoners. Footbag is for dedicated athletes and isn't composed of cartwheels, rolling around, ball stalls or chicken scratching. Profanity is the players choice along with throwing the bag at retards who laugh and point.
Can I try to hacky? It's footbag bitch.

Oh, do you hacky sacky? It's footbag bitch.

Hacky Sack is for losers. It's footbag bitch.
by Conservative Billy May 10, 2004

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