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For someone to claim himself or herself
a skinhead is simply a claim to dedication to the cream of the working class
crop. However, it takes a certain breed of character, not just any joe on
the job, to make what is pridefully known as a skinhead. Skinhead is not
about colour, race, religion, national origin, or anything of the sort,unless you a bonehead or nazi. It is a brotherhood of individuals who share the same passions in what we call
being a skinhead.
Traditonal Skinhead(Trojan or TradSkin)
-R.A.S.H.(Red.And.Anarchist.Skin.Heads.)-S.H.A.R.P.(Skin.Head.Against.Racisl.Prejudice)-Nazi(Some nazis are just political!)

by Conrad The Trad February 03, 2004
The service and worship of god,goddesses or the supernatural.
RELIGON was first stated to govern citizens in the mesopotamia's society their by proveing it is a scam that helps to keep peace to unfare laws!
by Conrad The Trad February 03, 2004

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