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a: One who becomes a slave to the Alcoholic Beverage.

b: a drunkard
Levi: "Phil, how come you never have a few drinks with me"

Phil: "I can't do it, Levi. I'm afraid of becoming a 'Hooch Monkey', like you."
by Conrad Junk June 06, 2006
Being both Strong and Tough at a given moment.
Spike: "I've been been working out all day. I think I'm going to go beat up some nerds."

Conrad: "Are you sure you feel up to that kind of challenge?"

Spike: "Sure, I feel "strough" as hell today.
by Conrad Junk June 06, 2006
Being both Lame and Lazy at a given moment.
Phil: "I can't decide if I want to play "Worlds of Warcraft"
or take a nap."

Conrad: "Boy, you sure are "Lame'zee", this afternoon."
by Conrad Junk June 05, 2006

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