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This term is used after you inject your statement/opinion into a conversation. Generally, this statement/opinion is non-factual, so by saying "just sayin'", you are clarifying that this statement/opinion is unprovable and it is just a thought off the top of your head.

During an IM conversation, this term can be abbreviated with "JS".
Bill: So, what are your thoughts on Chrissy?
Dean: Honestly, I think she's pretty stupid lookin'.
Dean: Just sayin'.
Bill: Truth.
by Conor Davidson March 02, 2009
Brim distance defines how far away from another man's face you can get, before it's considered "homo". When you're in a fight, and two men get "all up in each other's face", they can only get so close, before it gets intimate. This distance is measured by "brim distance". If you are wearing a hat (59fifty is recommended for maximum distance) and your brim is touching the other man's forehead, then that's within brim distance and "no homo". However, if you are any close than brim distance, it just became sexual.
Person 1: What did you just call me!?!?
Person 1: *Gets up in the other man's face*
Person 2: Wow wow wow, you just got way close than brim distance man. Chill out with that, it's gettin' creepy.
by Conor Davidson May 31, 2009

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