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one who while playing hacky sack abuses his prileges of the sack being passed to him from accessive kicks, too little kicks, or by getting the same person out every game of kill.
Dude Wesley is such a hacky whore, he always goes for Joe in Kill.
#hacky hog #kill #hacky sack #stall #kick
by Connor Oglesby October 20, 2006
(n) one who does not pass the hacky sack, due to trying to impress or show off.
dude alex is such a hacky hog, he never passes and always self serves.
#hacky whore #hacky hand #hackyhog #sack sucker #stall
by Connor Oglesby October 20, 2006
Everyone is Wrong, once again. A Hot Carl is the act of putting a person's feces in ones mouth and the saran wrapping over there mouth. Thus having shit in there mouth, by instinct they swallow it for better breathing. Once swallowed, the Hot Carlee's body rejects the digested fecal matter and regergitates it as throw up back into there mouth and nasal cavity. Again, from instinct, they swallow the throw up and repeat the process again and again.
I gave that whore Ruth Anne a Hot Carl last night.
That dirty whore liked it.
#cleveland steamer #hot carl #alaskan firedragon #hot #carl
by Connor Oglesby December 09, 2006
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