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(we invented this game to ill time and have fun) the airbag game is when you get a pillow and hid or sneak up in your friend and hit them in the face as hard as you can and yell "airbag" as you do it it may hurt but is so effing funny(:

1 point for the first one

2 points for the second
and of your friend is stupid enough to let it happen again you win hahaa
RINNG* RING* RINGG* RINGG* 'hey steve whatup?" steve:"omg dude i just airbage hannah so hard she fel on the floor!!" both of us: baahhaahahahahha

thats the airbag game
#the airbag game #pillow fight #oc #lake forest #el toro
by Connor N. Morlett August 10, 2010
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