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2 definitions by Concerned Parent

Parents beware - supposedly for people age 13-18 yrs ... i wouldnt let my pre-teen on unless you want them to be sexually approached and learn about sexual 3 somes or more.... the kids at habbo need to get out more and learn proper social skills in the real world and if they need to find a date on the internet well they really do need a life. I think the example below speaks for itself and is a real example utilizing a users name and quotes what that user said in one of the hotel rooms.
cheesepoffs2: anyone girl here want to f*U*C*K me
by concerned parent April 12, 2005
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a horrible, life threatening disease, most often found on the genitalia of a hobagish -type girl. can be contracted through any means of cunt-tact. More often than not it is contracted by males during there teen years, which is always a time of turbulence and masturbation. This menacing mischief maker is very cunt-tagious. Otherwise known as The Nerb.
Man, after bustin' uglies with that hobag, I caught a mean case of The Nerb.
by Concerned Parent December 26, 2004
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