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When a guy puts a full nelson on a chick when she lays on her stomach and he gets leverage when she wants to be fucked hard.
He whispers to her: "...tell me what you want?"
She whispers back:"a full nelly."
by Con Rad November 04, 2007
When a girl sucks your dick.
During the movie, Sylvia started to "numb the bud".
by Con Rad November 17, 2008
A chick who like to have a full nelly done to her but not from the guy she's running from.
We got a 'nellie on the run'.
by Con Rad November 06, 2007
When a chick wants a full nelly(full nelson) administered to her when she wants to be fucked hard.
Yo - man, we got a "Nellie on Board."
by Con Rad November 04, 2007
A girl who loves to be fucked in her mouth and have her toncils touched.
"It's Toncil Touching Time.
by Con Rad November 05, 2007

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