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Local nickname for Atlanta's Orbital Motorway, combining two southern US traditions, Racisim("Watermelon"-a slight on Atlanta's black population), and love of motor racing("400"-as in 400 miles; refering to the length of a NASCAR race).
I took me two hours to get in: the Watermelon 400 was at at a standstill.
by Comrade Mister Yamamoto August 27, 2005
A useless person; a waste of space; someone who's parents should have been practising birth control
George Bush. Rush Limbaugh. etc
by Comrade Mister Yamamoto January 23, 2005
1) The act of sexual congress.

2) Not right, FUBARED. A dog's breakfast.

3) To screw somebody over.
1) "I want to jüte you with baby octopi and creamed corn!"

2) "The mechanic jüted my car when he changed my oil-I had to replace the engine!"

3) "Yeah, his old lady jüted him in the divorce-she got all his shite."
by Comrade Mister Yamamoto January 23, 2005

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