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A useful term to refer to something ridiculously awesome; Compliment; Play off of term, Ridonculous; Can be used in the full statement of: That is some Honkitonk Ridonkidonk; Humorous
Coolio Person A: Woahhhh did you see that fershizzzle awesome movie Paranormal Activity!
Even Coolioer Person B: Dur-Dih-Dur! it was ridonkidonk!
Coolio Person A: Yeah that was some Honkitonk Ridonkidonk cinema action!
by CompTech-aka, I'm beautiful January 27, 2010
A saying used to mock someone who had just stated the obvious, or made an idiotic remark. Can be used sarcastically
Stupid Person: Waaiiittt, Wisconsin's a state!?!
Clever Person: Dur-Dih-Durrrrr!
by CompTech-aka, I'm beautiful January 27, 2010

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