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Expression usually given by brainless idiots to indicate 'first'

Usually in the conext of first comment, or 1st place, etc.

Usually it is used singularly

Dude, grow up

I stil got 1st fag!
by CommandoDude March 21, 2008
v. The act of publishing what multinational corporations want us to know.
Ah, more news that doesn't talk at all about corruption or the real issues facing America. Good, good, this is the best Journalism money could buy!
by CommandoDude October 24, 2010
Verb; An attempt to fix something in which the fixing actually makes the situation worse for you. Common on the internet when an arguement "backfires" and makes you look stupid.

nub 1:My mom is not FAT! See! *insert link*

person 2: Dude! She totally is, your arguement totally backfired on you. Lol, dumbass.
by CommandoDude March 13, 2008
The best damn operating system ever made, except maybe Windows 2000. So good, that people are still using it even after 9 years (an eternity in computer time) despite the fact Microsoft came out with two more Operating Systems since then.
You can tell someone is a jealous mac/linux fanboy by the way they bash Windows XP.
by CommandoDude September 25, 2010
What the elderly and middle aged call The Internet.
Dad, it's called the Internet, not the World Wide Web, get out of the 90s.
by CommandoDude September 25, 2010
A large gun used in WWI by the Germans produced by Krupp Industries.

Big Bertha is usually confused with the Paris gun and was never actually fired at Paris.

In fact, Big Bertha saw very little action aside from bombarding a handfull of Forts in Belgium, most French soldiers who were captured from bombarded forts claimed

"No one can stand up to Big Bertha's might" when in fact they had never been shelled by Big Bertha at all.
Dood! Big Bertha gunna mow down Paris again.

You're an idiot, Big Bertha never even shelled Paris you dolt.
by CommandoDude March 23, 2008
A weapon developed by the Americans during WWII and under research by other countries including Germany. The weapon is classified as either a Gun type or implosion type.

Gun type weapons are unreliable and do not provide a large blast, therefor rendering it obsolete. Though it is easier to make. The process includes accelerating a neutron(s) into a ball of Fissionable material and inducing a nuclear Fission reaction.

Implosion type weapons are in current use, though, not much, they detonate explosives around a ball of Fissionable material and create immense pressure which induces nuclear Fission. They generally have a higher blast effect.

The Atom bomb was deployed twice at Nagasaki and Hiroshima to end WWII. Though, their use is still hotly debated today. Atom bombs have become very obsolete since the development of Hydogen bombs, Cobalt bombs, and then Thermonuclear warheads.

The Japanese surrender! The atom bomb worked!
by CommandoDude February 07, 2008

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